We welcome you to the virtual collection "Henning Jensen Pennington" of the Union of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean (UDUAL)

In this space, UDUAL provides open access to scientific and dissemination information, in digital format, through its communities and collections, related to various topics of higher education and its history in our region. Here you will also find the documents that make up the historical archive of our institution, established in 1949. Also, with the intention of safeguarding our memory, from this site, you can enter the website of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of University Archives (RedLCAU), an organization promoted by UDUAL, which allows access to the archival repositories of its affiliates.

The name of our collection "Henning Jensen Pennington" has the objective of recognizing the trajectory and contributions of Dr. Henning Jensen, former president of UDUAL (2016-2020), who has just finished his term as rector of the University of Costa Rica, leaving us a legacy of intelligence, humanity and certainty.

This repository is classified into the following communities: books, periodicals and institutional historical archive. Within the second community, there is the website of the magazine Universidades in its digital version, an official publication of UDUAL since its foundation.

We hope that all public interested in these topics have the necessary tools to expand their knowledge, as well as disseminate our heritage.

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Archivo UDUALC 934

El Archivo UDUALC está dividido según las cuatro funciones sustantivas de la institución: Defensa de la Autonomía Universitaria, Integración de las universidades de América latina y el Caribe, Internacionalización y cooperación académica de la educación superior en América Latina y el Caribe, y Gobierno.

Libros 233

Esta sección está dedicada a la Historia de la UDUALC y sus instituciones afiliadas, coediciones, textos que refieren a la coyuntura y publicaciones de las redes temáticas de nuestra institución.

Memorias 93

Compilan los documentos pertenecientes a conferencias, simposios, encuentros y reuniones, impulsadas por la UDUALC.

Publicaciones periódicas 213

Se segmentan en cinco comunidades: el Boletín Mural, la Gaceta UDUALC, guía de publicaciones periódicas, separatas de Universidades y nuestra publicación digital actual, la revista Universidades.